What We Do

Auto Detailing

OCDetailing takes pride in providing high-quality auto detailing services to customers throughout the greater Bellevue, Washington area. From exterior cleaning to interior details, we have your car taken care of. We look forward to making your vehicle sparkle like new.

Waxing Services

There is hardly a better way to give your car’s exterior that extra oomph than with a professional waxing service from OCDetailing. Our products are unmatched by any other and our experience is far reaching. Give us a call anytime to find out more about our waxing work and how it will leave your car looking better than ever.

Engine Cleaning

Engine cleaning is just one of the many detailing services offered by our team. At OCDetailing, we want to take care of your vehicle inside and out, and that includes providing superior engine cleaning services. Call now for details or to receive a quote for your car’s next engine cleaning job.


Other Services

✔ Car Detailing
✔ Auto Detailing
✔ Mobile Detailing Truck
✔ Carpet Cleaning
✔ Complete Interior Detailing
✔ Paint Restoration
✔ Scratch Removal
✔ Waxing Services
✔ Interior Detailing
✔ Waxing Services

✔ Hand Wash
✔ Interior Shampoo
✔ Mobile Services
✔ Tar, Bugs & Tree Sap Removal
✔ Tire Detailing
✔ Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning
✔ Wheel Cleaning
✔ Engine Cleaning
✔ Paint Protection
✔ Polishing Services

✔ Vacuuming
✔ Fragrance/Air Freshener
✔ Car Wash
✔ Window Cleaning
✔ Headlight Restoration
✔ Mobile Detailing Services
✔ Oxidation Removal
✔ Tire Cleaning
✔ Towel-dry
✔ Wheel & Rim Detailing

Car Brands We Service

► Acura
► Cadillac
► Chrysler
► Fiat
► Hyundai
► Jaguar
► Kia
► Lexus
► Mazda

► Mini
► Nissan
► Scion
► Tesla
► Volkswagen
► Audi
► Buick
► Chevrolet
► Dodge
► Ford
► Honda

► Infiniti
► Jeep
► Land Rover
► Lincoln
► Mercedes-Benz
► Mitsubishi
► Porsche
► Subaru
► Toyota
► Volvo